"Let nature be your teacher." - William Wordsworth

Purpose & Action

Our ambition is to work on a global scale to support a sustainable equanimity with nature. The Treeangle Foundation works with local foundations to reforest mountains with trees indigenous to each mountain and region.

native smallMountain forests are a crucial part of any ecosystem and natural water system. Their impact spreads much further than the reach of their branches. Tree roots strengthen the ground and protect against erosion. Leaves collect the water from clouds and mist. The trunk cleans the water, feeding the streams and rivers that eventually flow into our oceans.

Our work starts when we identify an area that could become an ecological reserve. We raise money to purchase the land with our local partner. Many locals are keen on being part of the solution of restoring the mountain rather than selling to mining companies or developers.

Together with our local partner we then protect the reserve. If the area suffers from roaming cattle like it does in Argentina, this will include fencing the entire area, building longer lasting stone walls at crucial pathways as well regular gentle patrolling of the area.

Whilst it is difficult and sometimes costly to plant trees high up a mountain, we believe that this is the most impactful and economical way of working with nature. We focus on restoring the highest parts and over time nature does what it does best when left alone in the appropriate conditions: it grows and spreads, creating new forests, clean water and fresh air.

This short animated video, created by Foundation of Biospheric Activities, our local partners in Argentina outlines how the high mountain trees create fresh water for the local towns and villages further down the mountain.

Over time we will find ways to make the reserves financially self-sustaining, specially with projects like ChampaTea

In addition to these on the ground activities we work with local scientists and governmental organisations to measure the impact of our work. We hope to scientifically prove the efficacy of our methods in order to convince more mountainous areas to move in the direction of reforestation rather than erosion.

We also support the education of local communities in these regions via ecological restoration workshops at every rural school of the reserve’s area throughout the year.