Founding Treeanglers


Pablo Friedländer - Chairman

Pablo is President of the Foundation of Biospheric Activities, Argentina, a charity focusing on ecological restoration, intercultural research and avant-garde arts. Following a Classics degree in Argentina and an MA and PhD at Barcelona University, Pablo became a published professor in Philosophy of Nature, Humanities and Ecology. Pablo is a fellow of the Institute of Ecotechnics, Director of Ecological Restoration and Environmental Education projects in Central Argentina. He is the co-ordinator of International Education Program Academia Biospherica, co-director of the Ethnothanicals Research Programme at the Beckley Foundation, Oxford and consultant to the Matutu Foundation (Brazil) and the Institute of Holistic Research of Montserrat (Cataluña).

Jay Newmark - Trustee

Jay Newmark is a dedicated impact investor & advisor, who is involved in a number of different impact projects around the world from his base in Miami, Florida.  Prior to adapting this exclusive focus, Jay was affiliated with ask The Circle, a large, global family office networking platform, where he served as CEO from 2011 – 17 after first being a Senior Advisor to the platform (with a particular focus on Philanthropy and Impact Investing).  Prior to that, Jay spent eleven years in the Private Wealth Management division at Goldman Sachs in New York and London.  Jay is a CFA charterholder and a member of the Association of Investment Management and Research. He earned his BA degree from Hamilton College, where he majored in Economics and graduated magna cum laude.

Manno França - Trustee

Geographer and green entrepreneur from Matutu Mountain community, in the highest Atlantic Forest of Brazil, Manno is one the pioneers of Foundation Matutu and its natural reserve. Expert in social cartography & agroecological programs, he has decades of experience with Environmental Protection and forest-fire-fighting brigades training as well as with innovative technologies at global scale.

Natxo Tarres - Trustee

Known singer in Catalonia from more than 25 years, he leads the Institute of Holistic Research of Montserrat and many related social & artistic projects involving regeneration of socio-ecosystems at regional scale and music-therapy . At the same time he works facilitating solar energy and creative education on essential values at international levels.