"One touch of nature makes the whole world kin" - Shakespeare


We believe that protecting and restoring mountain forests is the most robust, long-term method of restoring nature; mountains are the feeders to all life below.

Tabaquillo forest small
We are working closely with our Argentinian partners, Foundation of Biospheric Activities, to measure the impact on water, soil, air and biodiversity, created by our newly established forests. We will also use sophisticated GIS and GPS mapping tools to continuously evaluate our progress.

Land: Since launching Treeangle Foundation in 2013, we have helped fund and create our first ecological reserve, located on Champaqui mountain, Argentina’s highest peak of the country’s central mountains in the Córdoba province. We are already protecting nearly all of the 1000 hectare reserve by erecting fencing to keep out roaming cows.

Trees: We have so far helped plant around 17000 native trees on the west side of the mountain.

Arroyo Los Molles copyWater: Results to date show a significant impact. The new trees and protected areas collected around 43million litres of water over the past year. During the dry season, we calculated  around 2.7million litres per month, captured by vegetation and tree leaves from the moisture in the air. These water sources we are conserving, supply around 10,000 homes directly, in addition to resevoirs, mills and agricultural fields.

Education: In 2016 we helped fund 49 courses and workshops in Villa de las Rosas and the surrounding region of Champaqui mountain.

We have also seen an influx of native plant and animal species and will be collecting further data to shine a light on these findings.