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We value any and all contribution to our efforts, and seek various forms of it.  The Treeangle Foundation is funded solely by donations.

The three main ways to join our movement are:

1) Donate Money

100% of all donations received go directly towards funding our projects on the ground.


Foto ChampaTea

2) With the first steps of ChampaTea -a traditional restorative tea made from Champaqui wild herbs by Treeangle Products LTD, own by Treeangle Foundation- we are building a positive feedback loop to benefit all…plants, animals and humans.ChampaTea is our allied pioneering enterprise, designed to utilize the gifts of the wilderness with reciprocity, as it can simultaneously restore inner balance and health as well as regenerate vast eroded landscapes.
Focused local efforts can make a real impactful change on a global level. How? Read on our crowdfunder campaign



 3) Participate on the Academia Biospherica Educational Program

Check out our activities at abprogram.org

4) Donate Ideas

You can find us at:

7 Cavendish Square
, London, W1G 0PE
, UK


We would love to hear from you so please don’t hesitate to get in touch and leaf us a message!