We plant trees on mountains.

Trees are nature’s true alchemists. Mountain forests collect moisture from rain and mist, replenishing clean water systems and sustaining all life.

We fund, advise and support local partners in the following processes:

Reserves. Creating nature reserves on mountains.

Restoration. Restoring indigenous forests within the reserves.

Research. Measuring and monitoring impact.

Re-education. Engaging local communities with sustainability.

foto arboles1We aim to interconnect activities in 3 emblematic mountains – Champaqui in Argentina, Matutu in Brazil & Montserrat in Catalonia – while we demonstrate this model of action with the Ecological Restoration and Enviromental Education Project: “Milking the Clouds” at Champaqui Mountain -  Cordoba – Argentina:

With the local Foundation of Biospheric Activities in Champaquí Mountain we aim to bring water back to dry streams through big scale reforestation, establishing endemic wildlife corridors and building a research observatory to monitor our Reserve while studying its 3 endangered ecosystems and running a environmental education program at the regional schools. 

Help us protect & nurture an emblematic mountain that is home to condors, pumas, ancient native forests and water sources that support the villages of Traslasierra valley – at the Sierras Grandes of Córdoba Province, Central Argentina.


Foto ChampaTea

  •  With the first steps of ChampaTea -a traditional restorative tea made from Champaqui wild herbs by Treeangle Products LTD, own by Treeangle Foundation- we are building a positive feedback loop to benefit all…plants, animals and humans.
  • ChampaTea is our allied pioneering enterprise, designed to utilize the gifts of the wilderness with reciprocity, as it can simultaneously restore inner balance and health as well as regenerate vast eroded landscapes.
  • Focused local efforts can make a real impactful change on a global level. How? Read on our crowdfunder campaign